Dee Dialogue — Pseudo-asthma & Psychology

17 Mar

Dee-lightful Musings
of an Old Country Woman

The real-life conversations between Dee (a 71-year-old
country woman) and her 44-year-old neighbor, Vicki

Pseudo-asthma and Psychology
March 8, 2013

Dee-lightful Musings of an Old Country WomanDee:  (coughs)

Vicki:  Are you okay?

Dee:  I don’t have asthma.

Vicki:  I didn’t say you did!

Dee:  I think I might have one of its ancestors, though.

Vicki:  WHAT? An ancestor of asthma?

Dee:  You know when they make a family tree and there’s branches all over it?  I think I might have one of the branches.

Vicki:  You have a branch of asthma? Like pseudo-asthma?

Dee:  Pseudo-asthma? Is that when ya cough so hard that you end up karate choppin’ somebody?

Vicki:  I think you might be confusing pseudo with Judo.

Dee:  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Vicki:  Nor would I.

Dee:  Did I tell you that Gary’s takin’ a psychology class as a part of his college?

Vicki:  Yep.

Dee:  Pretty soon, he’s gonna start tryin’ to shrink my brain for practice.

Vicki:  I wouldn’t worry about it, Dee.  You’re more powerful than he is.  You’re Judo-asthmatic!

Dee:  It’s just my luck to have a super power and not even know how to use it!

Copyright © 2013 by Vicki Robison
All rights reserved

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